Sunday, February 7, 2010

Banff, Lake Louise & O'Shaughnessy Falls - February 6th, 2010

Since it had been longer than usual (due to a soccer injury to my left thumb, and the weather) for me getting out on a drive, I knew I wasn't going to waste today sitting inside. When I got up, there was light snow in Calgary, and the skies were white with no signs of any blue color entering the picture. Heading west, near Cochrane it started to brighten up and the sky was turning blue with very few clouds. This meant it was going to great lighting and I was excited about being out of the big city and heading off into the wilderness. The question still remained - "Where am I going to go?".
Well, since the bears aren't out yet, and I hadn't been up there this winter, I thought my first stop would be Lake Louise. Got a few shots of the new ice sculptures which are all based on the Olympic theme this year, and a few shots of snow-shoers and the guy flooding the ice for skating on the lake. It wasn't surprising that there weren't a huge amount of people out there, as in the shade of the bowl, the temperature quickly dipped down and since I had forgotten my gloves and hat in the car, I couldn't stay out on the ice for much longer. After thawing out at Lake Louise, I stopped in at Banff and with it being sunny and very warm (definitely on the plus side of things, as I was even able to drive around Banff with the windows down!), I wanted to get some shots of the original railway station. It's used by a tour company now - I have seen on the net that there is a rail tour that leaves there and head out to B.C. and back in a day. I have still yet to find actual history on the station, as to when it was built and such. I'll continue searching for that information and update this when/if I obtain it.
After quite a few shots of the station and surrounding rail line, I started to head back to Calgary, but wanted to stop off at O'Shaughnessy falls in Kananaskis. I've always liked this roadside waterfall/creek, as especially in the winter, provides some great ice formations on the trees and logs. I tried a couple of different new points of view, but unfortunately got a couple of splashes of water on the lens that I didn't even think of looking for, and didn't see until I got the pictures on the monitor at home...I'll have to redo a couple, but luckily, it's not far away! :)
Well, that's my latest trip, and remember, more photos from this trip can be seen at
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