Sunday, January 2, 2011

Kananaskis - First road trip and photos of 2011!!

It was a much warmer day yesterday, Jan 1, 2011 (1.1.11) which allowed me to go to Kananaskis for the afternoon. So, off I headed to the mountains. Initially, I was going to go all the way down Kananaskis and back to Canmore via the Spray Lakes road. Unfortunately, I headed out a bit too late and it was starting to get dark. Since there was already an accident on Friday when 4 people in a vehicle, lost control and ended up in the Spray Lake reservoire, I didn't want to travel that road in the dark. Unfortunately, 3 of those people died and one lady escaped with her life thanks to the quick actions of some people that witnessed the accident. It just goes to show, that anything can happen, at any time, and that great care must always be taken in the winter.

My favorite waterfalls was my destination. In the winter, O'Shaughnessey Falls near Kananaskis Village, gets some really amazing ice shapes and doesn't totally freeze over. Although the icy rocks make it tough sometimes to climb up into certain areas, it's always a good location for good water and ice shots.

First trip of 2011 provided some good results, but still didn't see a moose :(
Next trip, is currently scheduled for January 8th, 2011, next weekend. Should be a good day!! :)



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