Saturday, January 15, 2011

Model World Calgary - January 15th, 2011

Wow! It's hard to believe that I've only known a few of these people for a week or so. Some new models that I met today already hit that "friend" mark. They are truly, an amazing group of individuals that have already had an amazing effect on where I want my photography to go.

Model World Calgary is a new agency/studio, but the people there are amazing. I am extremely happy to be a part of this group, and can only see it going upwards, beyond the expectations that any of us currently have. If you're a model or photographer, I STRONGLY urge you to contact Tim Rollans ( Things are only going to get better from this point onwards.

Onto second Saturday dealing with lighting. Tim got sly today asking questions like "why would I choose Jen first for the headshots?". Monika and I took turns guessing, then it hit me. Since it was on a black background I knew it had to do with contrast of some kind...blending in..colors....I initially thought it was the sparkle of her dress, then said she had dark hair. It indeed was because she has black hair. Doing headshots on a black background is different from the usual agency "we want it on white" outlook. Why should they always be on white??? Why can't it be on black, or blue, or red or green??? Why can't we be different?? This is the mentality and outlook of Model World Calgary. Why follow the norm?? Who are they to think that, that is the norm, and is what it "should" be??? What it should be is what is best. Not only from the photographers point of view, and the models point of view, but the viewer. No matter who looks at the photo...the photo should get some kind of response from them. The viewers reaction is what matters most! But if you want to rent the studio and do the "norm", you're most welcome to. I just find that all photographers have a different "eye" and "outlook" on what is good, and what works. This is what I love about photography. You can have 3 photographers, with the same lighting, with fairly similar cameras, and totally different lenses, and you get 3 totally different results.

Enough of my rambling...back to business LOL!

So we (Monika, Tim, and myself) took turns taking a few headshots of each of the models (4 in total today!! - Plus Monika for a special shoot). First on black, then on white. then after that we started to get creative with the lighting. Tim is not only an amazing photographer, but an amazing teacher too. He explains the lighting, but then says - " what you want...nothing but good will come from experimentation". This is what I like to hear. You learn the basics, and run with it from there. He encourages you to try different things, to be creative. Afte all, isn't that what photography, art, and life in general is about?? Being creative? What's the specific use of a lightbox? what's the specific use of a strobe with a reflective umbrella?? Why spend $400 when you can get the same result with a piece of equipment that's $30?? His advice, really, is invaluable, and I can't wait to work more hours next to him on the studio floor!

So, after that we did a special shoot...don't know if I can mention it here or not, so I won't, just to make sure. But we changed the lighting, added "honeycomb" style filters to the strobes at the back of the models (on the podium) and shot away with a strobe in front, with a HUGE reflective umbrella on that. The results were amazing!!! Once that was done we did solo shots, with the fog machine, lit from behind so that the fog was BRIGHT! Again, amazing results from all of the female models and the male model, Madison, that was in the studio today. He has a great look and really knows how to work the camera.

I reallly have never had so much fun..although this is only my second week in a studio setting, the people I've met, are just amazing. Not only beautiful to look at, and to take photos of, but beautiful people. You get that feeling that it's quickly becoming a close friend/family situation. We all help each other out, show each other our photos, see what works, and what doesn't. We all have different cameras and different lenses, and different "styles" and views....but it all works. That's the way a team succeeds, and that's what I can already see from working with these fine people!!

I really hope you have a look at as that (currently) is the Model World Calgary site. See the shots, see the people involved. We're also on facebook so join our group, be friends with us. IF you're a photographer or model, or makeup artist...this can be your path forward! I am very sure that it is going to be my path to where I want to be in this business, and am going to do everything I can do to succeed at this, and help my fellow "MW's" succeed also. It's about sharing and helping each other! Something that the majority of this world seems to have forgotten about over the last few years.

Another fantastic day at Model World Calgary!!! I really can't wait until next weekend when I go and shoot, and meet, more fantastic people!!!!
Another update next weekend for sure!!! Stay safe, and for all of us Canadians, stay warm!!!


Neil Young

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