Sunday, May 29, 2011

Stampede/Country Shoot - May 29th, 2011


Yep, it's the Calgary Stampede coming up. Now don't get me wrong, I not a big fan of country music (ok..SOME isn't too bad, but it's VERY selective...) and I don't really like the Calgary Stampede. Maybe it's because I haven't had anyone to really enjoy it with, or maybe it's because just to walk in through the gates and have a beer is a $50 spot. I personally think it's quite a rip off...but hey, like everything else in this world, it's a business right?? So if people will pay for it, why not charge it?

But, regardless of my sheltered views (HAHAHA!) there's nothing sexier than fit women in a nice tight pair of denim jeans or denim shorts. Todays "stampede" shoot was a collaborative idea between me and my friend and fellow photographer, Monika Forintos. Monika's friend Lori has a horse at a stables just outside of Calgary, so they allowed us to spend this morning there taking photos. Firstly, not only is Monika a fantastic looking woman, but her friend Krista that came with us, to model, is amazing too! Today was the first day I had met Krista and Lori. When I saw Lori I was blown absolutely gorgeous woman, with a fantastic body (and an amazing personality to match!!)and wow...she fit those jeans perfectly!!!

Although reluctant to join in, Lori joined in and modeled for me too (Thanks so much Lori!!!). The horses made a fantastic addition to the photos, and although sometimes didn't cooperate, the majority of the photos came out great!! I need a full time light assistant next time though for the reflector job. However, the horses did NOT like the reflector, so we ended up not using it much. Next time I'm going to focus strictly on the models, and remove the horses from the equation. I thought up so much more additional poses, and shots that I want to produce, so I can't wait for our "Episode 2" of the Stampede/Country shoot, which we're hoping will be done sometime in June.

The shot at the top of this post has got to be one of my favorites...I have a few more ideas for this shot, but hopefully will be able to produce that next time.

My sister rides horses, so I'm quite used to them, and respect their power and abilities. Today was a fantastic day of working humans and animals together, which is very hard. All 4 ladies (Sharon included, who helped immensely with horse management) worked very hard so that I could capture the shots I wanted.

Thanks again ladies!!!


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