Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition - 8.20.11, and 8.21.2011

Last weekend was the first weekend being without pain since my lovely hernia surgery. I'm now about 10 days without pain which is great news. So, since I've been in a "Sports Illustrated Swimsuit" frame of mind since the beginning of the year, I gathered a few models together to do a shoot. Jaqueline couldn't make it Sunday, so we did our shoot on Saturday. Sunday, I shot with Dannielle (whom I've worked with twice before and have known for about 4 years now), and also shot with newcomers Samantha, and 17 year old Shaii.
I had a few ideas in mind for poses, and such, and other things we just did off the top of our heads. I think that the shots came out really nice, and did show a Sports Illustrated style of bikini/swimsuit photoshoot. I've always been amazed at the shots the SI photographers get, although yes, they have much better equipment than I do, and about 5 assistants helping them out, when you can pull off some great shots with minimal equipment and only one assistant (the lovely Monika Forintos, in my case..) then that's got to say something.
We had a lot of laughs, and it was great fun!! We'll be doing a beach theme shoot very soon, so stay tuned for that blog update. And as always, check out my sites for photos from this past weekend!!

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