Sunday, September 18, 2011

Secluded Shoot With Kelsi - 9.10.2011

When was the last time I did a one on one shoot?? That would have been with Jacqueline the Saturday before my "Sports Illustrated Swimsuit" Sunday. Jaqueline couldn't make it Sunday so we did a one on one shoot on the Saturday. So, this time, it was with a long time friend, Kelsi. We had been wanting to work together for a few years, but our schedules never matched up. This time, they did and we got some fantastic shots!!
We did a bunch of different styles, with her new leather jacket, new leather shoes (both items from her Italy vacation), lingerie, implied nudes, the whole bit. The location is an abandoned house I found last year, just north of the city. It's hidden by trees and easily missed and nobody goes there. Perfect for a nice secluded photoshoot where no stray public eyes can see.
I have a bunch of photos from that day on my Flickr site, my main site, and on Facebook too. Have a look and comment on them! Let me know what you think!

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