Friday, February 22, 2013

Snowy Owls!

Recently, a couple of fellow photographers had gone out and gotten some great shots of some Snowy Owls that are near Calgary. I've always wanted to photograph these amazing animals in the wild, but have never had the luck of seeing any before. I found a website run by some local bird watchers which provided some specific locations of recent sightings, so I decided to head out for a drive to hopefully spot a couple of these gorgeous creatures!

This beauty I spotted on a post on Hwy 22x just East of Hwy 24. It stayed there for quite a while, even with me out of my car and standing on the shoulder of the busy highway. I took another step towards it, just to get a bit closer for my 500mm lens, and it flew off. No problem though! Got 20 shots of it before it did fly away. Now onwards to look for some more. Went to a few other locations SE of the City out in the country but didn't see any others. Got some great shots of some old barns, came across an abandoned farm which provided some great shots too, and will provide a great location for a shoot with a model or two in the near future. It's drives like that, that can provide not only great wildlife sightings like the Snowy Owl, but location spotting for future shoots with models and other photographers.

I'm hoping to get out Feb 24th for a drive SE of the city again, to see if I can spot some more, and hopefully take my girlfriend with me as she loves owls too.

I'll be on my first vacation in 17 years on Feb 28th, in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. I will no doubt get some amazing photos of this location, and can't wait to share them with you!!

I'll update my blog when I get back from vacation!

See you then! :)


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