Saturday, March 9, 2013

Cabo San Lucas - Day 2

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico
Day 2

Day two started out with a orientation meeting for everyone that booked a trip through them. They went through the usual things about avoiding timeshares, not to drink out of the faucets, etc. It's not that the water is "bad", it's that it's treated differently than North American water, so our bodies aren't used to it.
Anyway, it was an entertaining and informative half hour meeting and they went over a few different packages that were available. After the meeting we decided to book the "Amazing Day" tour for our last day. I'll explain about that when I do that update.

We wanted to soak in the sun, so we decided to go and lay on the beach chairs on the beach. The sand at our beach was quite rocky, not the fine sand that I thought it would be, but that's all good. Got the first real look of the people selling things on the beach...there's a resort "line" that is staked out in the sand and they can't come across the line to sell anything. People have to go to them. Three and a half hours in the sun, with drinks brought to our chairs, and we decided to get some lunch.

We had lunch at Torote which is their "steakhouse". It overlooks the infinity pool, and the ocean, and Lands End and Lovers Beach. Gorgeous view, and a really good lunch.

We spent the afternoon in one of the three infinity pools which overlook the ocean and the beach, and went to the swim up bar for some drinks.T was a bit woozy on the way back to the room, although I'm sure it was the shoes that were causing her some walking issues...yeah, that's it. ;)

We were supposed to have dinner at 9, but we were both a bit drained from the sun and the drinks. We decided to sit on the balcony and T decided to mix some tequila and seven drinks....let's just say, Juan became our friend that night lol!
T was pretty much finished off after those tequila sevens and so we decided to have an early night.
I was feeling the burn from the Mexican sun from that day. Although I put sun block on, who knew you had to re-apply??? I sure didn't....hence why I'm peeling now lol!

Hope to have Day 3 and 4 up in the next day or so.


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