Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Cabo San Lucas - Day 5

Cabo San Lucas - Mexico
Day 5

Today we were up early and booked our dinner for the next two nights. The steakhouse restaurant, which overlooks the ocean and Lands End books up quickly and has been full the first few days but we were able to get in there on the last night, for dinner. Had the normal breakfast at La Baja California, and inquired about a jetski for an hour. Our sunwing rep hooked us up and Senior Leo, the driver for the company we were going through was awesome. Funny, and taught us some Spanish as we only know un poco (a little).

T let me drive and I had my camera in the dry bag, in the storage area, under the "hood" of the jetski. Took the jetski out towards the arch and when almost there, there was a small pod of dolphins that we saw. At the arch I put the nose into the large swells that would come from the Pacific side, and precariously stood up and opened the "hood" to get my dry bag out. I was quite amazed at how stable the jetski was. I snapped a TON of photos of the arch and surrounding rocks, and got a couple of good ones of the sea lion colony...however didn't want to go too close to them as the swells coming from the Pacific Ocean side would have tipped us for sure! 

Once back on the beach, after our hour, I mentioned that it was awesome and that it was my first time driving one....T gave me a bit of a grilling, as she didn't know I was a jetski novice...but did tell me I drove it really well - like I had done it before. :)

We decided to take a later ride back to the hotel, and walked to the Marina. Had lunch at Cabo Wabo again, and quite a few people from our hotel showed up for lunch there too. We hooked into their free wifi and after posting a photo of the gorgeous sun and cabo wabo, Kenton (my boss..back in Calgary) promptly advised me that he was shoveling 10 inches of snow!! This made me even more happy that I was on vacation in +29/+30 degree celcius weather, with not a cloud in the sky!! :)
T finally found some glassware that she was looking for, for her friend, and I bought a nice shirt from there too. 

After getting our ride back to the hotel from Senior Leo, we went into one of the pools overlooking the ocean. I was getting that feeling, sitting in the pool with T, looking at the beach, ocean, and Lands End, that I didn't want to leave....which apparently is normal for people that go on a vacation. While in the pool we chatted with a guy from Minnesota who has traveled all over the place with his wife, and was giving us tips on which hotels to stay at in which countries. And we chatted with a couple from Oregon too.

Well, once the pool bars closed (6pm) we decided to head back and get ready for dinner at the Mexican Restaurant again. I was going to take some more night shots, but tonight was a bit cloudy for the first time, and it had cooled off slightly, so we decided to wrap up under T's new Mexican blanket, and have a drink on the balcony.

Stay tuned!! Almost time to come back to Calgary!!! :(


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