Monday, March 18, 2013

Cabo San Lucas - Day 7 - I'M ON A BOAT!!

Cabo San Lucas - Mexico
Day 7

Early rise today as we're going on the Amazing Day tour. Had breakfast and waited for our bus to come. It arrived and we couldn't sit next to each other due to seating, but I sat next to a decent young guy and found out he was in Cabo for a wedding, but him and his buddies and their girlfriends were from my old stomping grounds of Fort Saskatchew, Gibbons, Redwater, Sherwood Park, Leduc, and Edmonton. It sure is a small world!!! Nobody I knew though....

Our first stop was the Cabo San Lucas glass blowing factory. These guys have amazing skill!! Took lots of photos of them and their creations.

*this information added 3.18.13*
On our way to our next stop, the "flea market" at the Marina, we learned from our guide that there were no roads or the freeway we were currently on, until 1987. Before that, where we were driving, small planes would land to deliver goods to shops, and residents, by air. It really is amazing that since then, this small city of Cabo San Lucas, has just exploded with money, and celebrities vacationing and/or living in Cabo.
We also learned that the one highway, which looks like a regular small, thin, road in town, is "Calle Cabo San Lucas", which turns into the freeway of "Todos Santos Cabo San Lucas", which goes all the way up through the USA, and eventually up to Canada.

We were then dropped off by the Navy Station at the Marina which was awesome because I love the military stuff :)  Took a shot of a Navy Guard at the base and he saw me and didn't look too happy...pretended I was taking shots of the boats..which I
Went around some of the shops there and even a sea lion came into the harbor and was hanging out near where we were. Got LOTS of photos of him lol

Went to Diamonds International as part of the tour...not sure why, but obviously it's to time it so that the boat is ready as even after we got to the dock where the gorgeous "Ecocat" Catamaran was, we had to wait a few minutes before boarding. 

The boat was fantastic! We headed up the West side of the Los Cabo Bay towards the arch. Apparently there's a hole in the ocean floor near lovers beach and Jacques Cousteau proved that it goes down 300feet!!  There are quite a few amazing dives in Cabo like Sand Falls and alike.

Took a ton more photos of the arch and a few of the sea lion colony. Then, it seemed like full steam ahead as the Catamaran was going at a good clip down the coast to the East towards Santa Fe. Here we stopped at Santa Maria Bay to do some snorkling. Now we had both had a few drinks...although I stopped about half hour before we got to the bay as I didn't want to be really buzzing when I was snorkling. So, the majority of the boat either went snorkling or dove off into the ocean for a swim.
It was really cool to be snorkling in the ocean....first time snorkling for both of us. Didn't see any fish, but we heard afterwards that we should have snorkled over by the rocks. On our way to the airport on Day 8, we found that some of the best snorkling is found at Chileno Bay which is further towards Santa Fe from where we stopped.

On our way back to the Marina, we saw a ton of boats, Sammy Hagar's house (apparently), and even saw the patrol boat speeding out to look for any cartel action along the shores.

After getting back to the Riu, we had a couple of cervezas at the "Bravo" bar then got ready for dinner...I couldn't help but think this would be our last dinner at the resort, and I felt a bit sad that we had to leave.
I was peeling from the sunburn, but I'll take that over -10 and snow which was facing us back in YYC!



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