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Cabo San Lucas - Day 1

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico
Feb 28 - March 7, 2013

Holiday or Vacation are two words I haven't used in 17 years. Yep, 17 long years of no real vacation. The last out of Canada vacation I had overseas, was when we went back to visit the UK in 1985, after we had moved here in 81.

So, I met my girlfriend "T" in December, and not long after that we had talked about a vacation. Since we had both not really traveled too much, we figured why not take the leap and go on a vacation to a nice hot place together?? So, we decided on Cabo San Lucas after my travel agent had recommended the Riu Santa Fe resort, all inclusive, one week. BOOKED!! So it was on....what was to come was an amazing week and there's so much to report, this blog will be updated day by day.

Day 1 (Feb 28th)

Early morning as our plane departed at 8am and being an international flight, they recommend 2 hours before departure time. I hardly slept...maybe due to the excitement of actually going on a vacation, but regardless, hardly slept at all. Got ready and dropped off my car at Tim's place. Luckily he dropped us off as the airport at 6am, on his way to work. T and I checked in, got our boarding passes, and waited for departure. Stop 1 was Kelowna, then from Kelowna to Los Cabo.

T was kind enough to book me the window seat as she knew I would take a lot of photos, and additional luck was in store as it was a gorgeous clear sky until we hit the Banff/Lake Louise area. That cleared up again near Kelowna. After a 40 minute stop in Kelowna to pick up more people going to Cabo, we were on our way. Soon, the snow started to disappear, then totally disappeared and the clear skies provided a gorgeous view of various landscapes. Took quite a few shots of the Grand Canyon which we got to view at about 36,000 feet!! Awesome sight!! I had never seen it before and to get such a broad view really was amazing!

We soon got to see the ocean on the Texas coast, Mexico, and as we banked to land we could see "Lands End" and the bay we would be staying in for a week...gorgeous colors of greens and blues of the ocean water, and the rock color was equally gorgeous.

Upon exit, I was amazed that we exited the plane on the steps, similar to what I remember from the 70's and earlier times that I had seen in photos (pictured below). 

After initially spending $40 on what we thought was a sunwing package, we realized it was a timeshare thing so we obviously didn't bother with that....oh well, live and learn for travelling. Tip to any travelers - don't talk to the people just outside the first "exit" from the airport. These are the timeshare people. If you're with a company like sunwing or someone like that, their people are outside the airport.....again, things we learn, but luckily we both realized what it was after we had actually met the REAL sunwing people in the totally different orange shirts lol
We boarded the bus after getting our keys and such from another of our Sunwing reps, but had to sit apart due to earlier travelers and seating, but that was ok as we both got to talk to people from Kelowna and got to meet a quite a few really nice people on our trip.

On the bus ride from the airport, the freeway literally goes between businesses and houses on either side of the freeway. The small side roads along the freeway are quite a different thing to get used to, but pretty good as it strictly keeps the freeway traffic on the freeway.
What I couldn't believe is that on the way down we could see empty lots with half demolished buildings, shacks where people were living, next to businesses, roadside taco stands, garages, people selling oranges, and even closer to Santa Fe, a McDonalds, and some large buildings that were like Wal-Mart and Superstore. The spread from those small businesses and run down residences to the large buildings is quite immense, and most of these are only 15-20 yards apart. It really was amazing to see such diverse conditions in a close area.
As we exited Santa Fe and headed more towards Cabo San Lucas, the golf courses and multi-million dollar resorts started to show themselves. Wal-Mart, Pepsi Cabo, were among a couple of large businesses that were across the freeway from the road that lead to our Resort, The Riu Santa Fe. I had heard very good things about the Riu chain of hotels, so was interested in experiencing what it had to offer.

Departing the bus we were greeted by a nice alcoholic beverage, palm trees, Cacti, and a variety of other plants. Since we were already booked in and had our keys, we decided to head through the large courtyard entrance to our room to settle in a bit. We unpacked a bit and went for a walk with the camera and to have a look around and get to learn the resort. We had a few drinks from one of the many outdoor bars, and before we knew it we were getting ready for our 9pm a-la-cart dinner at "La Mision" which was the Mexican themed restaurant. Luckily, it was right outside our building and we could see it from our balcony. We were graciously greeted and the service was impeccable. Our starter was an appetizer platter, I had the Red Snapper and T had the Flank Steak; both top notch dishes cooked to perfection. These chefs really know what they're doing. We were seranaded by the Mariachi band that is local to that resort. We figured that out after we saw them at all of the other restaurants too lol!!
The waiters even got T to start on these "La Cucaracha" shots....these were Tequila and Khalua, flaming shots!! These burned a bit, but were yummy!!! We had a few of!! :)

After that we went to the room and got my camera for some nightshots/long exposure shots. After that, and a few drinks on the balcony in our shorts in the gorgeous temperature, we headed to bed....

Next update, Day two's activities. :)


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