Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Cabo San Lucas - Day 4

Cabo San Lucas - Mexico
Day 4

Day 4 started off a bit later than we normally started, but we had breakfast and was on the beach, in the sun, for about 10:30. Great sights and lots of beer as always :)
At about 3:45 we figured we'd get a bite to eat, but lunch stops being served at 3:30 so that the restaurants can get set up for dinner....so we chilled at one of the outdoor courtyard bars and met a really nice couple from Kitchener/Waterloo (Ontario). At about 5:30 we decided to get showered and get ready for dinner at the Asian restaurant. Had the most amazing tuna dinner...was cooked perfectly!

After dinner, I wanted to do some more night shots. We sat on the beach and the sky was the clearest sky I have ever seen, anywhere! We could see stars even all the way to the horizon!! 
Got some more great night shots, and it was just a gorgeous evening sitting on the beach with T, drinking a couple of beers and enjoying the sounds of an ocean beach at night.

Paradise....for sure!



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