Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Cabo San Lucas - Day 8

Cabo San Lucas - Mexico
Day 8....The Finale

Thursday, March 7th, the final day has arrived. The day where I dream of having enough money to make something like this a permanent fixture...but we all have those dreams.
I really don't want to leave..we really did have an "Amazing Day" yesterday, so there was no better way to end our vacation....except unless it wasn't ending. :)

Breakfast was good, but I was still a bit sad that it was ending. We checked out and like many others, waited in the large lobby for the departure time. Our Sunwing rep put us on a smaller van with some others and it was a good thing as we beat the larger bus to the airport. We checked our luggage, then headed up through security. I left my Cabo San Lucas hat at the security area, but it was still there when we went back for it so that was good...
We had a look around some shops, T got some playing cards, and we had a bite to eat (the food on the plane wasn't very good on our way to Cabo, so we figured it wouldn't be very good on the way back lol) and a couple of Corona. They changed our gate a total of 3 times, and we boarded the same way as we arrived - using the stairs on the tarmac.

On takeoff the plane banked and we could see lands end and the bay. Lucky for us we were leaving that day, as there was a cruise ship that had arrived that morning, in the bay. Prices would have gone up for sure, in the shopping areas, as that's normal practice for when cruise ships arrive.
It was quite cloudy about 20 minutes North of Cabo, so pictures on the way back were pretty much null and void. 

We were both quite tired, as I hadn't slept much at all that last night. I sat listening to my iRiver looking out of the window every now and then. T was asleep near the Grand Canyon (I got some great photos of it on the way down) on the way back, but she woke up in time to just see it again as the cloud cleared right over the top of it.
About 45 minutes out of Kelowna my butt was a bit sore from sitting for so long, and I was fidgety. I really didn't want to head back to -10 and snow....
One thing I was able to get photos of, was the setting sun, from 36,000 feet. We had both never seen the setting sun like that before, and it was a gorgeous sight with the different colors.

We landed in Kelowna to let off the passengers we picked up on the way down to Cabo, and after another 40 minute stay at the gate, we departed to Calgary. As we departed Kelowna the wing lights were on and we could see snow as we were hitting the clouds. Coming into Calgary we could see just how much snow they had gotten. When we left the ground was brown with small patches of snow, and now, just one week later, it was completely white again.

We got our luggage and my mate Tim was there to pick us up (Cheers mate!). Got to his place, where my car was, and I warmed up my car while we told him a bit about our trip. I had to get T home as she worked the next morning, and it was already almost 11:30pm. After dropping her off at home I had to get back to downtown and I think I got home at about 12:45...exhausted, yet completely happy with the way life has been going for me.

I have T in my life which I am totally grateful for, and got to spend a week together in an amazing place, with gorgeous weather. It took me 17 years to go on a vacation, and I'm going to put a large effort into going on a REAL vacation once a year. I got to experience things that I only dreamed about, and I got to document it not only here, in this blog (thanks so much for reading this by the way!!!), but in the hundreds (and yes..literally HUNDREDS) of photos that I took (hope you're enjoying the photos!!)

Cheers everyone! Until next time....


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