Friday, May 23, 2014

It's Eagle Time Again!!

Eagle Time Again!

Wow! It sure has been a while since I posted a trip on here....I've been on quite a few lately around Alberta, and with work being as busy as it has been, I honestly kept forgetting to post!! For that, I apologize as I hope you enjoy reading about my adventures.
Now that I'm working in Airdrie (about 15 minutes North of Calgary) I decided to head North West to Grand Valley Road in hopes of seeing a Great Grey Owl. Unfortunately, that didn't happen, but did get a couple of other surprises!

First was a HUGE Bald Eagle nest near Cremona. The picture above isn't of that Eagle unfortunately, as the photos from today are still uploading and wanted to post this before I forgot again lol The above photo is of one of the local Inglewood Baldies which return every year. After seeing the HUGE nest and Mrs. Baldie sitting in the large nest, I went over to Grand Valley Road. Driving that dusty road was nice and peaceful, however no GGO's :(

Coming towards the south part of the usual GGO area, I got my heart attack of the day. It is a beautiful day so my windows were open, music off (so that the wildlife don't run away right away when I stop the car) and driving quite slowly. Saw lots of deer so I was in hopes that I would see something else. That I did! Driving along suddenly I heard a large rustling noise, and out of the corner of my left eye saw a huge moose that almost ran into the side of my car!!! I quickly stopped and turned around. I think we were both scared because I've never seen a moose run in a circle and not know where to run after he almost ran into my car. As I turned around it trotted across the road and as soon as I grabbed my camera it eloquently leaped over the barbed wire fence and went into the trees slightly. It turned and I could see some small horns...definitely not a full grown spade, but it definitely wasn't a baby. Medium size moose are still bloody large animals lol
Unfortunately it ran off further into the woods right away so I couldn't get a photo.

Decided that from there, I would head back towards Airdrie and go down 84st NE which is a common "birding" road as there are lots of ponds which are roadside, which allow for some great photos fairly close up. My big surprise on this road was on the very north part, where a Swainson's Hawk was perched in a roadside tree. I stopped and started snapping away. Even walked right in front of the tree to get a better shot. It let out it's cry a few times (I love the sound of Raptors!) and suddenly a second hawk flew over. It initially flew onto it's back for about 8 seconds (like it was in a rodeo lol) then the second hawk moved onto the main branch. I love watching the actions and interactions of wildlife. Not sure if it was a male and female, but I'm assuming so, since it is "family" season where they have young ones or are mating....

Hoping to get more photos of the local Eagles tomorrow....and also hoping in a few weeks to go out far East Alberta, almost to the Saskatchewan border, to find some Bull snakes and Prairie Rattlers!!! Can't wait to photograph those!! It'll take a night's stay though as it's a bit too long for a day trip as I've been advised that the best times are early morning and late afternoon when it's a bit cooler, to see the snakes.

Hope you enjoyed hearing this adventure!


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