Sunday, December 21, 2014

Clearing the brain....

It's been a while since I've been out to take photos. Mainly because I have someone I've been focusing more attention on, but yesterday, December 20th, I just had to get out, go for a drive, visit places I hadn't been before, and clear the head of some crazy thoughts that have been sneaking into my subconscious.

First stop was North or Calgary to get photos of the sunrise. Going to have to go back and re-do those one due to the extreme amount of dust on the lens. The wind was gusting so even though a thorough cleaning was done, it didn't stay clean enough for long exposure sunrise photos. Plus I have a better spot to be in now :)

Just East of Beiseker I saw my first of two snowy owls of the day. This one a male, was a poser and didn't fly away very quickly. The second one, a female, I saw towards Highway one along Highway 56 on my way back to Calgary....I opened my door and she flew off. No chance of a photo of her at all....

After that I went East on Highway 9 to Drumheller. Stopping off for my first time ever in the winter, at Horseshoe Canyon. Due to the very cold wind I didn't stay too long, but got a couple of shots. My main goal though was to visit Wayne, Alberta, which I had heard about, but never visited. I'm glad I did.

All through the valley in Drumheller the railroad tracks have been removed and the railroad ties are just stacked up in piles. The same went for the railroad tracks going to Wayne which used to be a bustling mining town of almost 2500 people. The hotel is the only original building still standing on it's main street, and has been redone and you can even stay a night or two in it. There is no cell service (at least for me..) in Wayne, but that's ok as there's a lot of history here, and with a current population of 38, it's very quiet.

I headed East and then South on Highway 56. There were a few nice barns out this way that I was able to get some shots of, and as you know, I like my old barns in photos!

When I got back to Calgary I figured I'd stop in at Fish Creek Provincial Park to see if I could spot and get some photos of, the infamous FCPP long tailed weasel. Unfortunately, it didn't show itself that afternoon. Hopefully one morning this week I'll get some shots of it prior to going up to Edmonton for 3 days at Christmas.

Anyway, it's good to get out of town, into the rural country, and relax, and stop thinking about things. Although some thoughts keep coming back, most are cured in a day like Saturday. :)



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