Friday, January 30, 2015

Barns and Black and White

“The eye should learn to listen before it looks.” 
― Robert Frank

This last weekend I took a drive East of Calgary to find barns. And find barns I did!! I visited some really "out in the middle of nowhere" tiny towns/villages and areas I'd never been to before, and found some amazing barns which I'll be revisiting very soon and spending some more time there. Next time hopefully with a sunrise to go along with these gorgeous country gems!

The last few years I've really started enjoying taking photos of old abandoned barns and houses that are on their last legs. I imagine who lived in the houses, how long ago, and what life was like for these rural farmers. I'd love to talk to some of the current farmers or owners of these lands to see if they know when they were built or some historical information on the buildings. We're slowly losing a lot of the history and would be nice to know a bit more about our beautiful province.

I've also really enjoyed doing Black and White processing with the images of these old buildings, rather than leave them in color. I've always thought B&W gives more emotion
than color, and I really believe this to be true when dealing with old barns, houses, and abandoned cars growing weeds through the non existent seats, in fields.

Next weekend, February 7th, 2015, I'll be heading out East again to hopefully get some sunrise photos (I leave those ones in color because the colors we get in Alberta, during a sunrise are amazing!!), and obviously spending more time with the Barns I found last weekend, and hopefully find some more out on the country roads. :)

Until then, take care and thanks for browsing my blog!




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