Tuesday, February 17, 2015

In Search Of The Sunrise....
I've been seeing some fantastic sunrises these past couple of months at work (I work in Airdrie, Alberta, North of Calgary) and I've seen some of my photographer friends capture some of these. This past Saturday (Feb 14th) I decided to head out to the Vulcan area as a friend advised me about this an amazing barn and abandoned house in this one area. The barn is the one pictured above, and above is all the sunrise I could get, unfortunately.

I wasn't sure how far away this place was, from Calgary, but I couldn't sleep past 4am so figured I'd get ready and get on the road so I could take my time. Heading out of my condo building I noticed the sky was solid...no break in the cloud cover. Hopefully it wouldn't be like this at the shooting location. Unfortunately, I was wrong....

On the way down South towards High River, it was getting very foggy on Highway 2. I headed East, and the fog quickly got more dense and to the point I could only see about 20-25 feet ahead of me. I get weary driving in dense fog like that, as (especially on these rural country roads..) you don't know if a moose or deer is crossing the road. Luckily no wildlife was on the highway I was on, and I eventually got to Vulcan through the fog.

Heading South then East, I got to the location and it was crazy, weather wise. The wind was blowing at about 30-40kmph and it was actually snowing at times. When I left it was only -1 so I didn't have a jacket, or toque or gloves. Luckily though, I put my hoodie on but that wasn't as warm as I had hoped in this wind. As I took some pre-sunrise shots of an old car there that rests in the trees, I was anxiously looking forward to one of these amazing sunrises. Even the weather couldn't put me off of capturing one of the sunrises we've been seeing lately.

Unfortunately though, the low level solid layer of cloud didn't really break up. The sun was pretty much up and there had been very little color. The above photo was one that I was able to shoot off in a window of about 10 minutes where there was some color. It was VERY disappointing...

Because Saturday's trip felt more like a failure than anything, since I couldn't sleep Monday morning, figured I'd head out to Keoma where I've found 5 barns and an abandoned house on one plot of land. It's a fantastic sight but you have to be picky with the direction your shooting as there are some houses in the background from the nearby town and such. Again, I was up for the sun and was hoping for a good one. Leaving Calgary the cloud had breaks in it which really add to sunrise shots. My hope was going up that I would finally get my sunrise shots. Unfortunately, again, out at the location it was extremely cold (I remembered a jacket and toque this time!) and extremely windy. I waited and waited and it was starting to get blue - the blue before the sunrise. There was a small band of orange on the horizon, but I wanted that orange bursting through the breaks in the cloud cover. Looking West (you can see the mountains quite nicely from this location) I saw the tops of the mountains in a golden sunlight....the sun was, unfortunately, already up.

Two sunrise "failures" in a weekend wasn't what I was hoping for, but what can you do when you're dealing with Mother Nature.

I'll be back out in a few weeks and hopefully by then it'll be a bit warmer and the clouds won't be as solid.



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